Out Of Their Garage Into Yours - Zero Electric Motorcycles


Zero Motorcycles are the guys in the garage that the big players need to worry about. Except now, they're no longer in a garage. With more than $60 million in venture funding from a variety of firms including Invus, they've got the capital needed to be a strong player. The talented team of motorcycle engineers and experienced powersports executives have overseen a rapid series of product improvements along with the participation of top-tier component suppliers. Zero is now positioned to be a disruptive force that could turn the motorcycle industry upside down.

Like electric cars, electric motorcycle sales are currently low volume, but they are gaining traction with riders. Now that range exceeds most commuter expectations, maintenance requirements are nearly non-existent, and operating costs are incredibly low, riders view electric motorcycles a viable option. Zero is positioned to be a serious contender among the front line of motorcycle manufacturers.

The company's first prototypes were introduced in 2006 and were basically an electrified motocross bike. Less than a decade later, and Zero produces 4 strong products and have consistent sales to consumers and into the police fleet market.

Electric Car Insider has pictures and specifications of each motorcycle in the Zero lineup in the 2015 Electric Motorcycle Buyer's Guide. The Buyer's Guide allows potential buyers to see what is available across the entire spectrum. The comprehensive magazine makes it easy to compare and cross-reference motorcycles.

The Electric Car Insider 2015 Electric Motorcycle Buyer's Guide is available on newsstands at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Chapters Indigo and 100s of independent newsstands across the U.S. and Canada.

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