Yamaha PED2 - Dirt


Yamaha has made significant changes in the PED2 prototype electric off road motorcycle. Built around the same Yamaha Smart Power Module as the PES2, the new off roader has moved from being motocross specific to being a more versatile dual-sport street-legal motorcycle.


The PED2 (Passion, Electric, Dirt) dirt bike looks more refined when compared to the PED1. Now featuring a useable seat, headlight, turn signals, mirrors, and license plate bracket, it has moved from being a motocrosser to a more versatile dual sport motorcycle that can be ridden on streets as well as offroad.


The PED2 looks to be another exciting entry into the electric dirt bike market. These bikes aren't just cheaper to operate because they don't use gas and don't require the level of maintenance of a traditional dirt bike, but electric dirt bikes are good for the market because they remove one of the major points of contention between riders and non-riders. Without the noise pollution created by the engine and exhaust, which is a motivation for restrictive legislation, electric motorcycles will be able to be ridden in locations that were once off limits.


The PED2 should appeal to riders looking for a comfortable, upright, around town commuter and a fun runabout on light trails and fire roads. It shows Yamaha is looking to appeal to a wide variety of riders and puts the motorcycle into competition with internal combustion motorcycles from Honda and Kawasaki.


Yamaha unveiled the second generation of their prototype electric motorcycles at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Closer to production models than the previous iteration, the PES2 and PED2 are solid looking bikes that show Yamaha is serious about having an electric motorcycle in dealerships sometime in 2016.


With this update, Yamaha has also highlighted an array of connected features accessed through a smart watch and helmet. The Advanced Rider Assistance Features include accident avoidance and navigation.


Yamaha looks to be moving even closer to being first of the Japanese manufacturers to have an electric bike available. If they are, they will undoubtably pull the others into the market making electric motorcycles mainstream.


These latest incarnations of the PED and PES appear to move Yamaha closer to that eventuality. 

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