Wheego Life - $32,995 - Available: 2011-2013 - Limited Production

Wheego Life

Posted 12.10.2012 in Directory by Editor

The Wheego Life is a new EV contender that seeks to gain a foothold in North American markets by offering a two seat compact most similar to the Smart ED at a cost of $22,995 after Federal tax incentives of $7500 and $2,500 in California. The car is intended as a city runabout – its 65mph top speed will limit travel on US freeways where real-world speeds typically average 75.

Starting with a glider from China's Shuanghuan Automobile, Wheego Electric Cars adds an electric drivetrain at their Ontario, California assembly plant and sells the cars through a network of North American dealers.

A limited capital base and dealer network will constrain the market reach of this EV until a finance partner is found, but for drivers looking for the entry-level of EV price and performance, this car may be worth considering. With a 30kWh battery, its range is 100 miles versus the Mitsibishi i's 62.


Electric Range: 100

Total Range: 100

Battery Capacity: 30 kWh


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