Volkswagen e-Golf


Originally intended to replace the iconic Beetle in 1974, the hatchback Volkswagen Golf has been a familiar sight on US roads for forty years. Now in its seventh generation and sporting five doors, a substantially more refined Golf has become the platform for VW’s first US electric vehicle; the e-Golf.


A little known fact is that VW has built electric versions of the Golf as far back as that first Golf Mk1 version in the 1970s. It’s anticipated that this electric version will benefit from those 40 years of experience. VW has included features that indicate it is serious about fielding a competitive entry: LED headlights and running lights, an energy efficient heat pump for temperature control, user adjustable regenerative braking and driving efficiency profiles. Like other EVs, VW also offers a full-featured smart phone app that can pre-heat and cool the cabin, manage charging and track trips and energy use. The battery, at 24 kWh, is standard fare with air cooling VW says is sufficient for its Panasonic NMC cells. Like the motor and transmission, it was developed in-house and is made at a Volkswagen factory in Germany, a good sign that VW is making a substantial investment and commitment to the technology rather than simply farming it out to suppliers. The e-Golf’s fast DC charging capability uses the SAE Combo connector (CCS). While not as widely supported as the CHAdeMO standard used by Asian automakers, it will soon have a fair number of sites available as it is the same connector used by BMW for the i3 and Chevy in the Spark. Most fast-charge manufacturers are selling dual-standard chargers with both connectors.


Electric Range: 83


MPGe: 116

Battery Capacity: 24 kWh

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