Toyota Prius Plug-In - $32,760 - Available: 2012-2013 - Limited Production

Toyota Prius Plug-In

Posted 08.21.2009 in Directory by Editor

The Toyota Prius has never been about its performance or styling, but rather maximum fuel economy. Toyota bumps combined MPG(e) from 50 to 95 with the new Prius Plug-In, which is powered solely by electricity about 39 percent of typical drive time. A selectable electric driving mode (EV mode) keeps the car from using the gasoline engine. The maximum electric-only speed is 62 mph. Electric-only range is 11 miles, and total range is 540 miles, making petroleum refueling stops an occasional event for most commuters, especially those who can top up while the car is parked at work.

The 4.4 kWh Panasonic lithium-ion batteries batteries can be fully charged in three hours from a household 110-volt outlet or an hour and a half from a 220-volt plug. Toyota's rechargeable hybrid is only on sale in 15 coastal states but has already sold 7,734 models so far this year, making it the top-selling EV.


Electric Range: 11

Total Range: 540

Combined MPGe: 95

Battery Capacity: 4.4 kWh


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