Annual Tech CARS Awards Winners Announced

Annual Tech CARS Awards Winners Announced

Posted 1.23.2015 in News by Christopher

AUTO Connected Car News announces the winners of the Tech CARS (Technology of Connected Autos Rated Superior) Awards for connected cars and related products or services. The awards have been dubbed the people's choice awards of the automotive technology with nine cutting edge categories.

"It was exciting to see the great response on Twitter and other social media," said AUTO Connected Car News editor Lynn Walford.

 The Winners of AUTO Connected Car News' Tech CARS Awards are:


  • Overall Best Implementation of Any New Car Tech to Make Lives Easier or Better - GM for OnStar's 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Best Implementation of Connected Car Tech with Smartphones - Ford SYNC AppLink developer apps.
  • Best Electric Car Feature in 2014 (Co-Sponsored by Electric Car Insider) - AWD Tesla S for Dual Motor All Wheel Drive.
  • Edsel Yugo Award for Biggest Snafu in Connected Car Technology 2014 - Apple's Bluetooth issues with iOS Updates 8-8.1 iPhone 6/6+ with in-car systems which garnered over 3/4 of the votes.
  • Best Deployment of ADAS Features in 2014 - Volvo Safe City with auto-braking
  • Best CarPlay Deployment in 2014 - Pioneer NEX Systems.
  • Best OBDII Port Connected Device in 2014 - Mojio.
  • Best  Anti-Texting App - OTTER App tied with AT&T DriveMode. Because anti-texting apps are so important to driver safety AUTO Connected CAR News' decided to give the award to both apps.
  • The Best Car Tech Connected Car Trade Show, Exhibition or Symposium - Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show.


Winners were decided by online voting from December 12, 2014 - January 15, 2015.  Nominees were chosen by industry judges and advanced computer algorithms.  Winners may post the winners badge on their website (provided the image has an html link to AUTO Connected Car News) or request a certificate by contacting the publication.

"We found it very interesting that Apple is this case is not the biggest winner but the biggest loser for winning the Edsel Yugo Award for Biggest Snafu in Connected Car Techology," mused Walford.

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