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Electrified Classic Ford Mustangs For Cruising, Show and Track

Posted 01.22.2016 in Reviews by Editor

Few cars elicit pure excitement like a Ford Mustang. The design is iconic and beloved by everyone from gear heads to soccer moms. So if you're looking for a conversion that will get conversations started, this muscle car is the one. Each of the Mustangs showcased here ditched their internal combustion engines in favor of electric motors. They all tell a different story but the end result is the same: fun, exciting, one-of-a-kind rides that introduce people to the advantages of electric drivetrains.


Porsche 918 Spyder: Million Dollar Kinetic Sculpture

Posted 01.18.2016 in Reviews by Editor

We'll leave the discussion of the rationale of driving a near million dollar race car on city streets to another day. But before we examine the vehicle’s technical merits, let's consider the motivation for building it. I asked Dr. Frank Walliser, the director of the Porsche 918 Spyder project, that question as we stood in front of the vehicle at the LA Auto Show in November 2013. Why did Porsche build this car? His answer was remarkably candid: "Because we had to show that sports cars will exist in the future." As we discussed the increasingly stringent European and US emission and fuel consumption regulations the extent of the challenge became more clear. Porsche saw an existential threat in the new standards: would it be possible to deliver the performance car experience within the new fuel consumption and emissions requirements?


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