Porsche Spyder 918 PHEV


Porsche felt compelled to see how far they could take the new paradigm of automotive powertrains. The three propulsion unit configuration of the 918 Spyder – 127 hp front electric motor electronically coupled to a 154 hp rear electric motor which is connected through a 7 gear transmission to a 608 hp aluminum-block V8 direct-injection internal combustion engine for a total of 887 hp represented the pinnacle of that engineering exercise. 


The all carbon fiber monocoque chassis is supported by a suspension that incorporates electric traction management, electronically controlled active suspension management, rear axle torque vectoring and all-wheel steering. This package, wrapped in a carbon fiber skin, delivers performance eclipsing every other production car. It beats Porsche’s own previous high water mark setter, the unapologetic street legal race car the Carrera GT, around the Nurburgring Nordschleife (North Loop) race track by a full 10 seconds, eons in motorsport terms. The 918’s lap record there of 6 minutes 57 seconds bests all but the most competitive purpose-built race cars. 


The achievement is doubly impressive considering that not only is this car street legal, but in all-electric driving mode, energy frugal, refined and quiet enough to truly appreciate the fidelity of the 11-speaker Burmester stereo system. On short jaunts, it achieves a combined electric/gas fuel efficiency of 67 mpg.


Electric Range: 18


MPGe: 22

Battery Capacity: 6.8 kWh

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