Mitsubishi i - $29,125 - Available: 2011-2013

Mitsubishi i

Posted 12.10.2012 in Directory by Christopher

  Mitsubishi's i, formerly the iMiev, was one of the first battery electric vehicles available when it launched in Japan in July 2009.  Since then, more luxurious and longer-range options have become available from a variety of manufacturers, but Mitsubishi gets kudos for taking the plunge early. The i does have the option of fast Level 3 charging, a feature missing in some more well-appointed rivals. 

The range of the Mitsubishi i is a fairly modest 62 miles, but its after-rebate price of $19,125 in California makes it one of the lower-cost electric cars available. The i faces price pressure from the Fiat 500e, 2013 Leaf S and the Smart EV. Because of this, substantial dealer discounts are widely available, with one dealer in Illinois offering a 12k mile lease for only $69 per month. 


Electric Range: 62  

Total Range: 62

Combined MPGe: 112

Battery Capacity: 16 kWh


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