Kickstart the EV Revolution

Kickstart the EV Revolution

Posted 10.27.2014 in News by Darrion

Electric Car Insider magazine launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce our 2015 EV Buyers Guide and to boost distribution of our print edition today. We have set a goal of $10,000. A successful campaign will allow us to increase our newsstand distribution by 150%. With increased newsstand distribution we will educate more people about the benefits of driving electric.

Please support this campaign and help us promote electric vehicles. Click this Electric Car Insider magazine Kickstarter campaign link. Pledge $20 or more and receive an annual subscription to Electric Car Insider magazine print edition (after reading it, please pass it on to a friend to promote the cause).

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets users pledge to the campaign. In return you receive a reward. We have several pledge levels with rewards ranging from our popular EV Revolution stickers, t-shirts, annual magazine subscriptions, to a week use of a Tesla Model S in Southern California.  

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