Vermont and 8 Other States Committed To Getting 3.3 Million Zero Emission Vehicles On The Road


Eight US states, including Vermont, are committed to the goal of putting 3.3 million Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) on the road by 2025.

Implementing this kind of ambitious plan is daunting. Karen Glitman knows what it takes to make these plans successful. Serving as Director of Transportation Efficiency for the Vermont Energy Efficiency Corporation (VEIC) from 2011 and recently named Director of Policy and Public Affairs, she administered Vermont’s pilot electric vehicle electric program in 2014.

Electric Car Insider spoke to Glitman about the plan in March. According to Glitman, there was a learning curve and implementation was complicated. 

Vermont experienced the same challenges with getting auto retailers on board as many other states had. In discussions with the state’s auto dealer association, members cited the difficulty of developing product specialists in an industry with high sales staff turnover. So the incentive was split into two parts, one for the consumer and one for the dealer. The theory was that it would motivate both sides to learn about and more strongly consider electric vehicle technology. For the consumer, $500 was not going to bring the purchase of an EV in line with a comparable gas car, but it would drop a typical lease price by about $20 per month. The dealer's $200 incentive was intended to be modeled on the types of “spiffs” dealers and salespeople get from manufactures to move specific cars to meet make and model sales goals.

VEIC found through feedback and analyzing data what worked and didn't work with this pilot program. By making adjustments based on this information, VEIC is working to refine the program in anticipation of further funding to meet the mandate.

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