Honda Fit EV - $36,625 - Available: 2012-2013 - Limited Production: Lease Only

Honda Fit EV

Posted 12.10.2012 in Directory by Editor

Although the Honda Fit EV is a California's zero-emissions “compliance car” available only on lease in limited markets, it nonetheless has a few features that make it an interesting consideration for EV drivers. The car earned a combined 118 MPGe from the EPA, making it the most energy efficient car tested to date.

Unlike many electrics which lose punch at higher speeds, Honda has decided to make the Fit EV a performer, borrowing the 123 hp, 189 lb-ft motor and low-friction gearbox from the larger FCX Clarity. Driving reviews by top auto magazines confirm that the Fit EV has the best performance compared to similar EV sedans.

The Fit EV has a 6.6 kW onboard charger, dropping 240v charge time of its 20 kW battery to just 3 hours. Honda says that the Toshiba SCiB batteries can be recharged up to 4,000 times, more than 2.5 times that of other Li-ion batteries. The price for charging the Fit EV will be much less than filling the tank of the Fit's gasoline counterpart. Honda dissected the numbers, citing a savings of about $4,000 in three years for charging the Fit EV over paying for gasoline.


Electric Range: 82

Total Range: 82

Combined MPGe: 118

Battery Capacity: 20 kWh

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