Electric Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles Empulse TT


Being named the fastest U.S.-made electric motorcycle at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race is one way to introduce the world to your company’s all-new electric motorcycle; and that’s exactly what Victory did. The street-legal Empulse TT is built on the race bike's platform. Having lost the fairing, it now sports a modern, naked bike appearance.


Yamaha PES2 - Street


Yamaha's second generation of prototype electric motorcycles has raised the excitement level of riders interested in electric propulsion. Yamaha is clearly putting top-flight talent to work on the project as is evident by the refinement of the design and the level of innovation on display. These prototypes could indicate Yamaha is getting closer to having an electric motorcycle ready for production.


Harley Tests The E-Motorcycle Market With The LiveWire


With more than 110 years of product offerings, Harley-Davidson has always been about gradual evolution not radical revolution. So, how does a company that has built its entire corporate image based around tradition compete in a niche market segment designed to disrupt the old guard? Harley started the LiveWire project as a way for the legacy brand to see if they can compete against start-ups.


Concept to Production: ZecOO Sticks To Their Design Aesthetic


There's a long history in automotive design of stunning concepts piquing the interest of the public. Often times, these concepts never make it to production. Sometimes these concept vehicles generate such buzz among buyers that the boardroom begins to salivate and decides they should be moved to production. But rarely, do concepts completely embody the concepts full vision. Cost of production, safety features, demographics, capital costs: they all weigh in and can dilute a concept. Introduced in 2012 at the Tokyo Auto Show, ZecOO's manga-inspired, futuristic aesthetic had potential buyers clamoring. By Kota Nezu of Znug Design, the motorcycle was like nothing most had seen in the real world.


Bell Custom Cycles Goes Old School With Electric Cruiser


Sometimes being more like the old guard makes you stand out amongst the disrupters in a new market. Chris Bell and Bell Custom Cycles (BCC) are using time-honored skills honed building and customizing motorcycles in his suburban Las Vegas manufacturing and assembly facility to produce hand-built electric motorcycles. Using traditional skills combined with electric drivetrains, he is producing electric motorcycles that do their best to fit in and appeal to traditional riders. It's an approach that stands out against many of BCC's competitors who are trying to bring in riders who are more in touch with their iPhones and selvedge denim than wrenches and leathers.


Agility Saietta Electric Motorcycle


Agility Motors is clearly not only interested in developing a motorcycle with the Saietta R; they’re developing a brand. Besides just trying to capture the imagination of their target market – young, urban, very hip, design-conscious, ecologically minded commuters – they’re out to capture the imagination of the finance industry. They are crafting an emotionally engaging story that reaches beyond the buyer right to the investment community.


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