Detroit Electric SP:01 Not Shipping To U.S.

Detroit Electric SP:01

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After a multi-year delay, Detroit Electric's first SP:01 has rolled off the line at the company’s manufacturing facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK. The customer and the vehicle's final destination were not revealed in the company's October 29, 2015 post on their Facebook page.

Detroit Electric is concentrating sales efforts to countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as China and South Africa. 

Though the specifications seem to be unchanged from those previously stated, the actual list price has not been released. Originally, MSRP was listed at $135,000 U.S., and production would be limited to 999 units. 

Detroit Electric, a new car company, took it's name from the defunct automaker which was once one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles in the early 1900's. Despite the founders' original plans, the cars will be neither manufactured or distributed in the US. 

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You'll be forgiven if you mistake the new Detroit Electric SP:01 for a Tesla Roadster as it flashes by, although a side-by-side comparison makes the difference between them, and with the Lotus Elise that inspired both of them, quite clear. The new American automaker, reviving a brand that was famous 100 years ago, steps into the temporary market gap left by Tesla's suspension of the Roadster for a slinky, high performance two seat EV. Like Tesla, Detroit Electric also plans a line of lower-cost sedans and has already announced a partnership to produce electric sedans with China's Geely Automotive Group, which owns Volvo and other well-known Chinese auto brands.

The SP:01 appears to have the attributes to take on the role: 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, 155 mph top speed, range north of 150 miles. But the company goes a little further with the positioning of the vehicle as a "mobile energy unit" with the integration of a bi-directional charge and discharge electronics they call '360 Powerback' which allows the car to function as a very large portable UPS when your local utility goes on the fritz. The unit is controlled from a smart-phone app that also provides the sophisticated charging, entertainment and cabin temperature controls now common in upper-tier EVs. If you're in the market for the answer to a rolling blackout, don't delay your reservation; Detroit Electric says only 999 SP:01s will be produced.

Electric Range: 180

Combined MPGe: Not yet available

Battery Capacity: 37 kWh



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