Chevrolet Spark EV


The Chevrolet Spark EV, GM's entry into the rapidly expanding all-electric fray, is the smallest car Chevy has ever sold in the US, although it is larger than the Smart and Scion iQ. The diminutive four door four seat urban runabout is fun to drive and easy to park in tight spaces. 

At a base of $16,685 assuming Federal and California credits, the Spark is now the least expensive EV to purchase.  Lease rates of $199 with $999 down match the other compact EV contenders and will make this one of the cheapest freeway-capable transportation options available since fuel and maintenance costs will be negligible. 

The Spark EV features Chevy's capable electronics suite MyLink infotainment system. Using Bluetooth phone pairing, the system offers Siri voice commands, an Internet audio selection of Pandora, Stitcher and Tune-In Internet radio.  The services rely on your phone's data connection, as does the  navigation system called BringGo so make sure you've got a liberal data plan.  The gadgetry is rounded out with the RemoteLink smartphone app and three years of Onstar service. 

The Spark EV's charger is only 3.3kW, which requires 7 hours to bring the battery from empty to full. DC Quick Charge is available as an option, which will be able to charge to 80% in under 20 minutes.  This will likely be a popular feature once the new SAE Combo fast chargers are widely deployed over the next few years. 

The original gas-powered Spark had been criticized for a lack of power.  The new Spark EV remedies this with an electric motor that generates an astonishing 400 ft-lb of torque, although a more modest 130 hp. The manufacturer quotes a 0-60 time under 8 seconds, which is considerably better than the gas Spark's 11.3 seconds. 



Electric Range: 82

Total Range: 82

Battery Capacity: 21.3 kWh


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