BMW Mini E - $850/month - Lease Study Only: 2008-2010

BMW Mini E

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BMW's first move toward 100% electric and a zero emission vehicle came in an electric version of its popular Mini coupe. MINI E field trials of 500 vehicles started in November 2008 on the west and east coast of the USA. The cars were made available to a carefully screened pool of applicants under a one year closed-end lease. The MINI E has range of 100 miles on a single charge depending driving style and conditions. The average daily range requirement for a typical person living in a metro area is less than 60 miles.

The MINI E has seating for only two people and less storage capacity than a gasoline-powered MINI hatchback. The MINI E’s 204hp all-electric motor provides enough power to rapidly propel the car to its electronically limited maximum speed of 94 mph. BMW notes that one of the most striking features for first time drives of the MINI E is how incredibly quick the acceleration feels. The electric motor reaches its peak torque levels almost immediately, and does not need to rev to higher RPMs to reach its power band. The “fly by wire” throttle control manages the power curve to avoid breaking traction off the line.



Electric Range: 100

Total Range: 109

Combined MPGe: 98

Battery Capacity: 35 kWh


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