There's an App for that - Finding EV charge stations

Posted 09.11.2018 in Articles by Editor

Finding a charge station for an EV is usually really easy. Go out to your garage, pick up the coupler and plug it in. But for those infrequent occasions when you need to charge up during the day as you're out and about running errands, locating a charger takes more than just looking toward the nearest main intersection. Fortunately, there's an app for that.


Free Fuel - Public Charge points that don't charge (to fill up)

Posted 09.03.2018 in Articles by Editor

My dad was fond of saying “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch” whenever I was in a pickle as a result of some childhood foolishness. It's the only time I ever heard a college professor use “ain't” so I gathered he was trying to underscore the point. “How times change”, I have thought every time I plug in to one of the dozens of free public charge points scattered around my local area and throughout the state. Free fuel!


Solar Powered Parking

Posted 12.21.2017 in Articles by Editor

Powering your car on sunshine has been a persistent dream among electric car advocates. University of California San Diego physics professor Tom Murphy does a great job explaining why designing solar panels into a car is not a great idea is his online tutorial “Do the Math – A Solar Powered Car?” There is not enough surface area on your car, and the panels would add too much weight for the small amount of power produced. Professor Murphy also points out that putting solar panels on your residence and charging your car with the output can work out quite well.


Pacific Coast SunTrail Route: Scenic Highway 1 Made Accessible to Electric Cars

Posted 05.23.2016 in Articles by Editor

To adventurers familiar with the beauty of the central and northern California coast, the drive along Highway 1 is one of the most attractive road trips in the United States. It is the kind of journey that is so enjoyable, people often consider the drive to be the main event, as much as time spent at one of the idyllic destinations along the route.


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