EVs have a powerful competitive advantage. Raving Fans.

Posted 03.28.2019 in Articles by Editor

There's something that distinguishes electric vehicles from every other segment of the automobile industry. A powerful force that has driven annual YoY growth between 60-100% every year for the past five years. A competitive advantage that has seen several of the vehicles receive the highest driver and reviewer satisfaction reports ever measured. Raving Fans.


Free Fuel - Public Charge points that don't charge (to fill up)

Posted 09.03.2018 in Articles by Editor

My dad was fond of saying “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch” whenever I was in a pickle as a result of some childhood foolishness. It's the only time I ever heard a college professor use “ain't” so I gathered he was trying to underscore the point. “How times change”, I have thought every time I plug in to one of the dozens of free public charge points scattered around my local area and throughout the state. Free fuel!


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