Agility Saietta Electric Motorcycle - Next Gen Under Development at Skunk Works


Agility Motors is clearly not only interested in developing a motorcycle with the Saietta R; they’re developing a brand. Besides just trying to capture the imagination of their target market – young, urban, very hip, design-conscious, ecologically minded commuters – they’re out to capture the imagination of the finance industry. They are crafting an emotionally engaging story that reaches beyond the buyer right to the investment community.

Producing a motorcycle is a capital-intensive endeavor, and clearly Agility has spent the money to get the world-class talent needed to get their message out. Through high-quality video and images, Agility is crafting a mystique that is more than just a cool looking urban sportbike.

Designed at their London headquarters, the initial production of the Saietta R is already sold out. It will be interesting to see if the investment world takes to this start-up electric motorcycle manufacturer the way buyers have.

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