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EVs have a powerful competitive advantage. Raving Fans.


There's something that distinguishes electric vehicles from every other segment of the automobile industry. A powerful force that has driven annual YoY growth between 60-100% every year for the past five years. A competitive advantage that has seen several of the vehicles receive the highest driver and reviewer satisfaction reports ever measured. Raving Fans.


There's an App for that - Finding EV charge stations


Finding a charge station for an EV is usually really easy. Go out to your garage, pick up the coupler and plug it in. But for those infrequent occasions when you need to charge up during the day as you're out and about running errands, locating a charger takes more than just looking toward the nearest main intersection. Fortunately, there's an app for that.


Electric Car Sharing: Drive Before You Buy or Drive Without Buying


Before purchasing an electric vehicle, it’s a good idea to get a few hours, or better yet a few days, behind the wheel. A quick test drive at a local dealership is really not enough time to make sure the electric car that catches your eye is also a good fit for your driving patterns and lifestyle.


Eyeballing It: Tips on Installing Your HOV Stickers


Are you one of those gifted types that can freehand a long, level, straight line with one smooth effortless stroke of a paintbrush? Not me. I need all the help I can get to keep things straight around here. So when it came to adorning each of our EVs with California HOV stickers, I had to resort to tricks that I learned through net wisdom and from a couple of friends that are graphic artists.


Clean Air Cash: Financial Incentives for Driving Zero Emission Electric Cars


Besides the fantastic gift you give to the planet by driving a zero emissions electric vehicle there are many rebates, incentives and perks given by states and municipalities. Many people ask where is the best place to drive and own an electric car? The answer is it depends on what kind of rebate your prefer and what kind of driving you do.


Free Fuel - Public Charge points that don't charge (to fill up)


My dad was fond of saying “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch” whenever I was in a pickle as a result of some childhood foolishness. It's the only time I ever heard a college professor use “ain't” so I gathered he was trying to underscore the point. “How times change”, I have thought every time I plug in to one of the dozens of free public charge points scattered around my local area and throughout the state. Free fuel!


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